About Us

PaulaHeadpets is a business with one goal in mind –
to bring a smile to children’s faces. This fun and exciting line of handmade children’s hats is taking the world by storm.

Headpets was started by Super Mom & Entrepreneur, Paula Tobias in 2007. Paula’s vision was to create a fun and exciting line of handmade children’s animal hats, like no other hats available on the market. She wanted children to adore wearing her hats, like kids adore the 'stuffed animals' they carry around. That meant that each of Paula’s hats had to have character and a personality of its own. All of these ideas formed the basis for the brand Paula created, called Headpets, and what a brand it is!! Just like us, none of the Headpets are perfect. From bad medical conditions, to allergies and fears, all the hats have a unique personality of their own. They are also striving to achieve their dreams when they grow up. So search away on the site and choose which Headpet you like best. If wearing one of her hats brings a smile to your face, or your child’s, then Paula will have definitely succeeded in her goal for Headpets.